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so i can breathe you in

27 March
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adam brody, all american rejects, ashton kutcher, atreegrowsinbrooklyn, baseball, bath and body works, ben affleck, ben mckenzie, board games, books, borders, boston, boy meets world, boybands, boys, british accents, bsb, candles, cards, casper, cell phones, chandler bing, chapstick, chris duhon, chris martin, chris pratt, christmas eve, cnn, coldplay, conan o'brien, crayons, daniel ewing, david letterman, dawson's creek, devon sawa, disney channel, driving, duke, dvds, elf, espn, euchre, everwood, fall out boy, finding neverland, fleece, flip flops, foo fighters, friends (tv show), funny people, furniture, goo goo dolls, gregory smith, guys, harry potter, hey dude, holidays, hoodies, hot chocolate, humor, i love the 80s, incubus, inside jokes, james lafferty, jimmy eat world, jj redick, johnny damon, joshua jackson, kerr smith, laughing, leonardo dicaprio, lollipops, long car rides, magazines, march madness, mark bellhorn, maroon 5, matthew perry, mighty ducks movies, miss congeniality, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, my best friend's wedding, my friends, now and then, o-town, office space, one tree hill, oprah, oprah's book club, orange popsicles, pacey witter, pajamas, people magazines, pepsi, pictures, politics, project runway, quotes, ralph lauren perfume, random things, reading, red sox, remember the titans, rollercoasters, rupert grint, ryan cabrera, ryan gosling, salute your shorts, sandals, sarcasm, save the last dance, saved by the bell, sleeping, snow, softball, something corporate, sports, sprite, summer, sunglasses, taking back sunday, talk shows, target, tetris, text twist, that 70s show, that's so raven, the format, the lovely bones, the notebook, the oc, the santa clause, the wb, the wonder years, theperksofbeingawallflower, tv, tv shows on dvd, uno, vacations, weekends, winter